Monday, 11 December 2017


Toys are cool some can be big and small And cost a lot of money And toys can break And they're cool to play with The end by.

Monday, 13 November 2017


Subtract!   Break up the hundreds, tens and ones...

44 - 23
54 - 28
54 - 28 = 26
54 - 20 = 34
34 - 8 = 26
81 - 39
81 - 39 = 42
81 - 30 = 51
51 - 9 = 42
141 - 25
155 - 26
155 - 26 = 128
155 - 20 = 135
135 - 6 = 129
326 - 18
326 - 18 = 308
326 - 10 = 316
316 - 8 = 308
Sala has 46 points on a playstation game. 214 points is the high score. How many more points does he need to reach the high score?
214 - 46 = 167
214 - 40 = 173
174 - 6 = 165
He had to have 168 to get up to 214
154 - 69
Tommy had 121 lollies from Halloween. He ate 45 lollies. How many does he have left?
121 - 45 = 76
121 - 40 = 81
81 - 5 = 76

Thursday, 21 September 2017

trick stlcks

Image result for trick sticksTrick Sticks Mrs Strickland got a new game for us. you carefully pull the sticks out and hopefully the marble doesn't roof  and if you got a marble and you lose.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


In the weekend i went fishing woof my dad  to go fishing you  need a boat and bat And a life jacket An old rod and see how you can go on the water and put a book on dick and throw your foot in the water and then you'll have to wait for a bit and you might catch a fish.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

the flood

In the afternoon it was raining and it raining hda and hda and the water flood the dream and the  athe dreams the people was ske the people was raining aw from the flood bat everyone was saved and after that the san cam and the people was happy again the end.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

My Weekend

On Saturday I went to mcdonalds with my mum and sister. I bought a BIG MAC and a chocolate shake. While I was waiting for the food I played in the Big boy park. I saw my friend at mcdonalds with his mum and sister. We played together on the park like besties. We ate our food together, and we played on the park after. I also went home for a sleep.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

The lion and the mouse

One day a little mouse jumped onto a sleeping lion The lion woke Up the mouse got a Fright the mouse said one day i may help you hahahaha laughed the line and the line let the mouse go thank you  said the little mouse. the lino Was still laughing and he did not see the net in front of him And he got caught he was yelling until the sun went down and then the little mouse came to the lion the mouse said i am going to bit the net and you wof be free and we wof be even now you are free u can go Goodbye mouse goodbye lion The end.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Baby bear’s hiding place

Father bear is going in the forest.Baby bear said “Can I come yes you can come Baby bear get your basket Let's go said father bear i no Where a bush is Yaaa we are he  I am getting to get the more Beers mother bear Is going to be so happy that I got the more  beers  Then father bear  I know where a Another Berry tree I am going to the other.  Berry Tree Baby bears so a hole in the Berry trees Baby bear ran to the how father bear came back he said baby bear i kint  find baby  baby booo frother Bear got a  Freight

Monday, 14 August 2017

The clever penguins

The clever penguins

mother penguin said i am hungry for fish ok mother i hav got a 3 fish for me and my baby my baby are going to krac 321 the baby was  hungry he went into the sea he kam baek wof 10 fish my baby wor fowi he went to the sae to get fish for hm naw he can houm the And the three babies were asleep and the nest.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The naughty ann

The naughty ann

At the Beach a new ship at the Beach the old ship was jealous ov the new ship 1 day the old ship went to go to find some food the day was a rainy day today the new ship went to go to find the old ship the old ship was browsing the new ship had a hoc on the ship the new ship pot the hoc on the old ship the new ship polb and polb and polb the old ship was so happy the old ship was happy again.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Tiger runs away

Tiger runs away

This is your new home tiger he did not like the new house tiger ran out the door she said tiger tiger dot go tiger went she went to find tiger s he was cried and cried we wow go to the owd house i forgot the hose we are going naw it a long way i am going to play on the swing mum mum i find tiger you are going home.  

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Cows in the garden

Cows in the garden

The Cows saw the flowers at tim house. the Cows went over the farm gran said cows cows in the garden. Tim and gran and mum and dad went out the house. to the garden dad pot the Cows back to the fame dad said. i had to mac a now farm get the hammer i have fixed The fins anything and if they do I have to make a new fins and of the Cows do it again i woll go to the farm wants to keep the cows on your fame Tom said you have seen the dinner now the cows will never never never It's in the game again.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Multiplication week 9, Term 2

The Lion and the mouse

The Lion and the mouse

One day a little mouse jump into a sleeping lion. The lion wake up the mouse said please let me go please let me go one day I might. help you Ha ha ha laugh the lion a little. mouse like you can't help a big lion like me but. he left the mouse go thank you see the little mouse. and Away she ran in to her home The lion laughed at the little mouse laughed and laughed. he did not see the bird nets by the tree. and he walked into it. Happy Pride I can't get away who will help me. who will come and help me but no one came all day Then after the. sun went down the mouse came out of her home the lion is roaring for help you said I'm coming. the mouse ran to help the lion I can make a hole. and done it with my teeth he said. I 3 you thank you said the Big Lion .

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

the toytown racing car

the toytown racing car

The racing car was going to the toytown garage The racing car was going fast and fast and the tow truck said sope sope said the toy truck bat the racing car went fast and fast the muddy went all over the tow truck ha ha ha laughed the racing car i’m having good fun then the racing car went down the road he got muddy and got sick he said help help i will be a good racing car the tow truck  came out of the garage and said i fergie you the fire engine make the racing car and the tow truck clean again

the boat race

the boat race

Mum can we go to the boat race You said mum we should go to the base race because it is the holidays and you don't need to go to school and the morning every time ok Michael yes Mum I got a boat to race Let's go now ok Mum Can I take my boat to and roast someone and we would get more money and more money and he tell you to be rich yeah we won we won with the weather the And.

That the boat

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The boat race

The boat race

Mum can we go to the boat race You said mum we should go to the base race because it is the holidays and you don't need to go to school and the morning every time ok Michael yes Mum I got a boat to race Let's go now ok Mum Can I take my boat to and roast someone and we would get more money and more money and he tell you to be rich yeah we won we won with the weather the And

Getting lost

Getting lost

Mum Can we Go to the markets today said tim mum said yes we should go because it is your dad birthday and he is at work and we should surprise hm do you got a present I didn't know it was my dad's birthday today sorry Mum I forgot that I would have to go to the shop and buy something for him All the lights were off and we had a cake dad came home and he got a big big surprise from Tim and Mum The end.

Come on tim

Come on tim

Mum can we go to the new park Said tim can I bring my friends to tim said come on Friends let's go on the slide my friend said yes we are  going on the slide he said I'm a little bit scared of heights I think I will be alright on the   slide and getting down I think Come look down the slide there was a long snake he saw his teacher and he saw her teacher and the teacher went to Tamaki some are you alright Mrs Hill said Sunset I think so come on down the slide Sydney Mrs Hill you will be alright and he got down and he said I did it I did it Michael said yes you did do it The end.

Monday, 26 June 2017

The jungle frogs

The jungle frogs

Mother frog said I want to lay my eggs in the river but. I can't because starfish will eat my eggs and. They will die by the frog came up. With the idea I will make a little pool for your. Eggs and the fish kant get in the pool yes you are clever. Father frog father frog said it is dane said father frog. Thank you father frog you are so clever.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Baby bear’s hiding place

Baby bear’s hiding place

Father bear is going to find some berries baby bear said can I come to yes said Father beer get your basket and let's go say bye to mother bear Baby bear said come on father beer I want to get the berries father by said wait I can't run fast because my leg is sore from Be4 When I was going fishing I fell in the pool and The Rock hit my hand and it was very sweet Ok father bear I will wait for you to go to the burrito teer Ba ba ba we are at the berry bush Street Pharmacy and get your basket and follow up with the berries bbb climb the tree and there was a hole in the Berry tree he climbed up the tree and hide in it Bible verses come on baby bear we are going Home hardware store baby girls basket on the floor by the cheaper maybe feel like that father and father PR got scared and baby girl jumped out on father bear and father bear got a fright

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Subtraction - jump the line



Sam Is getting a haircut haircut shop He said he wants a mohawk haircut do he's so brushes and sprays and scissors and haircut and you was here and it went up and down it looked cool you jumped on it and went down and then the lady put it back up again and it was finished he was very happy and then he went home and then he had lunch and he play with his friends and all it's getting dark and he went home and had enough and that was that in the end.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Subtraction Word Problems

Chug the tractor

Chug the tractor

Chug the tractor helped on the farm he was a good on the farm bat one day Chug was going up the hill he said i can’t go  up the hill i am  to  old the man put Chug in the shed Chug saw a big new tractor in the shed the new  tractor  said you are to old you  are going to the dump the  farm man put Chug on the back of the truck the farm man went pots the Bump and pasta shops and the houses he went into the park and there was a Place for chunk and I said my name is there and they made me new and all the kids was playing on me the In end.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The castle

I made my sandcastle with my sister I bought Seashells on my castle I like put heaps on my  castle My sister doesn't even know how to do but she just help me with the Seashells The castle was getting higher and higher And my sand castle was getting bigger and bigger And then the castle was done The water came up to the castle but the castle was too strong the water the Little Bus the car seat down

Monday, 12 June 2017

Tiger runs away

My cat run away i think Tiger runs away because he did like the new house Tiger saw the door open he jumped away from me Tiger come back i run out to get Tiger bat he was gone it was getting dark i wrote to go the fand Tiger bat my mum said kam on kohatu it your Bedtime we will look of Tiger tomorrow  said mum we                                                                                 are Going to our old house to get a host Mum Mum I found tiger she's on my screen We are going home now.                      

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

bingo goes to school

Mum said sam we are having a pet's day at school on saturday can bingo came to school yes said mum i will come and help you look after him bingo said you can Come to school with me on Sunday but you will have to be a good dog  bingo jumped up at sam sit Bingo sit please be a good i am going naw he won winning a medw  go home

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Little chimp

The Little chimp was going Home But he saw a honey tree He went to it The Little chimp saw yellow stuff he Tasted some mmmm he Grand Lost And the bees were flying past Puppies were going to get the Honey back but the Monkey was Gone he was full He gave the rest to the Monkey The end

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Mother duck

Mother duck sat in the tree and her 10 eggs hatch in the tree. Mother duck jump out of the tree with her baby ducks. 5 ducks ran away and mother duck had to find them.Daddy duck came back with 5 baby ducklings.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

the lion and therabbit

I am hungry said the lion i am going to get a rabbit Roar he get a  rabbit it was a fat one he eat it he was a beer away  the lion went the beer didn't see the lion Coming the  lion eat ti.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Tim and michael was going to play in the pool but  the pool was Doodle sow Tim and michael can’t play in the  pool  they went inside.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Eating Insects

Have you ever tasted a cricket before this morning Mrs Stickland said we were going to eat chocolate flavoured mud with crickets, I thought she was lying!

I was shocked when I saw it had eyes and I realised we were going to eat crickets. When I picked one up I felt a bit sick but I was brave enough  to put it in my mouth. It was crunchy like cornflakes.

I’m not sure how many i ate but it was a lot. Luckily Mrs Stickland had chocolate mud that tasted like nutella to make yummy.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The House on the Hill

The white sheep and the grey rabbit and the brown duck and the red hen And they New the white sheeps house is Broken Should we Surprise he Wolf a New house no the Top of the hill She will be so happy That she has another house.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Chicken worms

WALT: write quality introductions.

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Do you know what chicken worms taste like?This morning Mr Goodwin went a bit crazy, because he tried to feed us chicken worms.Keep reading to find out what happened.

Introduction Rubric

My introduction is boring.
It is difficult to read.
My introduction is easy to read and has some interest for my audience.
My audience is hooked into my subject, it grabs their interest so they feel like they want to read more.
When someone reads my introduction they are left feeling intrigued. They can't wait to read more.
My introduction does not tell the reader what my writing is going to be about.
My audience has some idea about what I am writing about.
My audience is clear what I am writing about.
My introduction lets the reader know the direction and purpose of my writing.

Task Description: We had to write an introduction about eating chicken flavoured worms but they were actually noddles.