Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Baby bear’s hiding place

Baby bear’s hiding place

Father bear is going to find some berries baby bear said can I come to yes said Father beer get your basket and let's go say bye to mother bear Baby bear said come on father beer I want to get the berries father by said wait I can't run fast because my leg is sore from Be4 When I was going fishing I fell in the pool and The Rock hit my hand and it was very sweet Ok father bear I will wait for you to go to the burrito teer Ba ba ba we are at the berry bush Street Pharmacy and get your basket and follow up with the berries bbb climb the tree and there was a hole in the Berry tree he climbed up the tree and hide in it Bible verses come on baby bear we are going Home hardware store baby girls basket on the floor by the cheaper maybe feel like that father and father PR got scared and baby girl jumped out on father bear and father bear got a fright

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