Friday, 30 June 2017

The Lion and the mouse

The Lion and the mouse

One day a little mouse jump into a sleeping lion. The lion wake up the mouse said please let me go please let me go one day I might. help you Ha ha ha laugh the lion a little. mouse like you can't help a big lion like me but. he left the mouse go thank you see the little mouse. and Away she ran in to her home The lion laughed at the little mouse laughed and laughed. he did not see the bird nets by the tree. and he walked into it. Happy Pride I can't get away who will help me. who will come and help me but no one came all day Then after the. sun went down the mouse came out of her home the lion is roaring for help you said I'm coming. the mouse ran to help the lion I can make a hole. and done it with my teeth he said. I 3 you thank you said the Big Lion .

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